About Us


I'm Emma - Mummy to Hugo and Maggie, wife to Nick, and the proud owner of Mummy and the Bear. 

Mummy and the Bear is an independent brand run by little old me! It came about after I went on maternity leave with Maggie and left my job as a primary school teacher. I was in the same situation that lots of mums find themselves in - I wanted to stay at home to look after my children but also wanted to work and retain a bit of a life for myself outside of changing nappies and cleaning the kitchen. I set up Mummy and the Bear so that I could work in the evenings when the kids were in bed and could put as much or as little time in as I wanted, depending on family life.

I started out just stocking a handful of baby items and it took weeks for me to get my first order (which was from my best friend so didn't even count!) but I have steadily grown the business over the last 2 years. I now stock lots of gorgeous products and I also have my own range of clothing and accessories for little people and grown ups which are printed right here in my home town of Stamford. I send orders all over the world now and I have a fantastic customer base who I love!